Saturday, 10 March 2012

Manchu Manoj Asks for Tollywood Support

Hero Manchu Manoj Kumar has every reason to be emotional. His new movie ‘Mr Nookayya’ got good acclaim but unfortunately the film is being removed from multiplexes. However, Manoj is determined to fight back and questions why the people in the film industry don’t support such issues “ Why don't people come out in our industry when something like this happens? Is it cool if people come from outside and walk all over us?? Me and my team left our families, friends and we didn’t use phones or Internet and worked our guts out to do something different.” wrote Manchu.

The talented actor even drew comparisons between his Mr. Nookayya and ‘Delhi Belly’ saying that the entire AP appreciated the Bollywood film but when a Telugu film matches the same trend, it will land in controversies. Says Manchu Manoj “When delhi belly released everyone praised in andhra but when a Telugu film tries to keep up with trend then suddenly we see controversies”.

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'Mr. Nooyayya’ got good acclaim but the film is not being screened in multiplexes due to a complaint lodged by Nokia Company. The mobile manufacturing giant alleged that their name has been used in the title, songs and other areas and the ‘name’ is their patent. The Delhi High Court also halted the screening of the movie in multuiplexes. Lashing on Nokia Company, Manoj expressed his anger in a Kolaveri di style saying “Godu I am dying here-uu corporate happy how-uu ???? This songu for nookayya boysuu.. we don't have choice-uu.. They were quite till it was a superhit and suddenly they stop our movie on the 2nd day..This is the cheapest trick ever to earn money. I pity them for their cheap attitude."
Manoj further asked the media to support experimental movies like Mr Nookayya and appreciate their hard work “I pray to media to support innovative movies and support our team for our hard work. Pls don't kill the movie.. Real stunts are not as easy as they look or said,” laments Manoj.

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