Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Chiranjeevi praises Sunil for his body and dances

Chiranjeevi appreciated sunilMegastar Chiranjeevi has always been known as a supporter of real talent and that too if it is from one of his die-hard fans, then he encourages more.
Recently, comedian turned hero, Sunil has worked hard and developed eight pack abs and also has exhibited his skills in dances in his latest movie Poola Rangadu.
Chiranjeevi has seen this movie and appreciated sunil for his efforts.
Infact sunil came to industry by imitating chiranjeevi’s famous dance from Aaj ka Goondaraj, which had the breath taking number No one can dance with me...
Sunil started his career as a sidekick, then became a busy comedian and now developed into a hero.
Even his Maryada Ramanna and Andala Ramudu had dances imitating chiranjeevi.
Even Salman Khan, who gives fitness tips to many bollywood heroes, was amazed by seeing sunil’s body and dances in latest movie.
Certainly, Sunil has made every megafan proud.

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